Encounter the Story of Science


Pythagorus gave us the Pythagorean Theorem, uncovering unique aspects of number theory, triangles, and trigonometry. But what would these discoveries look like to a mouse? Together, we’ll construct the story identifying key questions, important measurements, and critical visualizations. Our math will include integers, triangles, ratios, and exponents as we work to craft a convincing narrative.


Galileo Galilei is considered by many to be the father of modern physics. He was one of the first people to accurately measure the acceleration due to gravity by carefully rolling balls down different ramps. We’ve even replicated his thought experiments about air resistance on the moon. When physics depends so much on understanding balls and ramps, we’re going to consult with the true expert: Galileo’s hamster.


Mendeleev is a true experimentalist and scholar. Through carefully organizing his notes, Mendeleev accurately predicted the presence and properties of 8 never-before-isolated elements. We’re going to be a mole living in his backyard, coming up to make our observations about chemistry, reactions, elements, and the natural order of the universe.

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